I began my career in front of the camera as a child actor with starring roles in movies such as “Amityville 2: The Possession,” “Deathmask,” and “Last Exit To Brooklyn.” I also appeared in numerous national television commercials and print ads. Going on an audition or showing up to a studio after school felt just as normal to me as playing sports did for my peers.


In college, I majored in History where I used my degree as inspiration to write screenplays that explored alternative interpretations of historical time periods and events. This idea came to fruition in the first short film I wrote, produced and directed called, “The Final Resolution,” about a Holocaust survivor who is forced to deal with the moral implications of revenge when he encounters the Nazi soldier who killed his wife during the war. The remarkable experience of making that short film ignited the passion for filmmaking that has guided my ambition as both a writer and director.


My profession has afforded me the opportunity to satisfy my interest in unique travel experiences.  One of the most memorable highlights was when I attended the 65th Cannes Film Festival in 2014 with a documentary short I produced. My work has also allowed me to explore my insatiable intellectual curiosities as I constantly research concepts and ideas to develop into various works.


I am constantly excited by the idea that I possess the skills to play an artistic role in this evolving age of cinema innovation and I savor every moment of my incredible journey.

65th Cannes Film Festival, 2014


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